Helliw, I’m back today with a digital detox guide. Actually I decided to make this guide when I noticed that I use internet more than I should, and it was eventually consuming me: my time, energy and health. So I made plans of what do instead with that time I waste online and I came up with this guide. Make sure you take notes so you can personalize your own digital detox guide! Here we go!

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Why doing a digital detox?

Obviously because it wastes your precious time, you take your phone to check your Instagram notifications and oups! Two hours have already passed by. You could have read a good part of a book, or went out to run errands or cleaned your house…

Over-using digital devices leads to depression: lately I’ve noticed that I use my phone seven to ten hours per day, and I noticed that I became stressed, moody and most of all guilty eventually that I wasted all that time on my phone, since I can track how much time I use my phone and what apps I use with QualityTime app.

You need to spend more time with yourself, take care of yourself, because you can’t poor from an empty cup.

How to do a digital detox?

Choose how long you want your digital detox to last, and accordingly pick up one of these options:

  • Turn all your devices off (phone, laptop, ipad…);
  • Turn wifi off, if you want to keep your phone on in case of an emergency;
  • You can leave your devices and wifi on, and only block distracting apps  (snapchat, instagram, youtube…) thanks to OFFTIME app in case you still want to use some apps on your phone for your detox like spotify or e-books reader.

What to do during the digital detox?

Curl up with a good book

Maybe this is finally the opportunity to finish that book you started a while ago, or maybe read one that you’ve been longing to and go through your to-be-read list. If you have no book in mind then I’ve got you covered here.

A warm bath

Taking a good soak in a hot bath can shake your stress away. Warm baths actually have a myriad of health benefits, helping you sleep deeply among others, so make sure you hop in a warm bath at the end of your day!

Immerse yourself in nature

Either go for a walk in the park, or plan a picnic away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Surround yourself with flowers, palm trees and chirping birds and let it do its magic on you.


When was the last time you ate homemade food? Your busy schedules might be taking that from you, so it’s time you cook something delicious yet healthy for yourself, and if you suck at cooking then maybe that’s your chance to learn an easy recipe that you can cook every once in a while.

Facial masks

Pamper yourself with a facial mask that would take your tiredness away and make your skin shine bright again. Sleep loss, stress and make-up deprive your skin its nourishment, so make sure your give your skin that natural glowing look.

Go out

This is especially for those #Girlbosses out there that work from home: plan a dinner out with your friends or family, spend some quality girls time. It would absolutely do you good.

I hope this guide will help unplug, disconnect with the digital world and connect with yourself.


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