It happens that you go easily through your TBR list, and then oups you’re stuck at that one book, you want to finish it and pass to the next but it just doesn’t seem to work, and it’s stressful- at least to me- it actually makes me feel guilty when instead of reading I’m chilling in front of Netlfix or wasting hours with my phone in my hand, so what to do to get you- and myself too- back on track?

Change the book you’re currently reading:

Maybe the issue is that book you’re reading, and it’d be better if you strat reading an easy read so you can pick up the pace again.

Take a break

If even a light reading doesn’t work out with you then just take a break and stop forcing it; get yourself into another activity you’re passionate about till you miss books.

Set small goals

If this reading slump is caused by your busy schedule then it’s recommended you set small goals that you can accomplish and that are within your capacity.

Find company

This tip can help you get through reading slumps, find someone with whom you’d read the same book and you discuss it once finished.

See how other readers are doing

When I see bookstagramers’ wrap-ups, I’m just like: “If they did it then I can do it as well, where’s that book of mine?”.  Comparing yourself to others is not good for sure but it’s good to have a “Reader role model” that you look up to motivate yourself.

That’s it for today’s post, what tips do you use to get out of a reading slump? I’d love to know!

Much love




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