I’m back today with a reading essentials, to help you prolong your reading sessions and enjoy them more, let’s discover them together: 

Sans titre.png

#1 First things first, find a comfy corner where you always escape to read, I find this tip very crucial when wanting to read more. Get inspired here to make your own reading nook.

#2 And of course you need a good book to keep you company, so it may be an e-book (here are some free e-books) or a paper book.

#3 For those that adore reading before bedtime- and usually we stay up longer- finding the right lighting is very important to lengthen your reading session.

#4 Talking of reading lights and e-books; make sure you look after your eyes while reading by using the right eyeglasses.

#5 Personally I’m not the kind to flip the edge of the paper in order to mark where I stopped reading, that’s why I use bookmarks, and you can always DIY them to make them more personalized.

#6 Reading while eating a snack or drinking something is always ultra pleasurable, especially for food junkies like me.

And this post ends here, hope this list was helpful, let me know what are your reading essentials in the comments.

Much love



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