I’m back today with a combination of a book review and a deep reflection caused by the book.

I’m talking here about “Before I fall” by Lauren Oliver.

While reading this book I was thinking that it must be a movie since it was so suspenseful. And when I looked it up I found out that the movie had been released two days ago (Couldn’t be any happier; this book in on top of my faves for 2017). The book tells the story of a young girl that will make a car accident with her friends and relive that day several times and in each time she tries to change something wrong in her day and avoid the accident; either her relationship with her parents and little sister, her friends, boyfriend, how she treats the guy who has a crush on her, the fact that she and her friends bully a girl and so on.

And it makes you think if this is the last day in your life do you want it to be like that? Do you want what you said to your parents to be the last? And how you treated someone to be how they remember you?

You can’t make the day perfect and that’s a given, but what if we’re more conscious of our actions toward ourselves and others! What if today is your last chance to make up for the wrong things you did!

Don’t postpone the good deeds for later, don’t hold anything against anyone, forgive and ask for forgiveness: Either it’s your last day or theirs.

See you in the next post xoxo



  1. Sounds like a book I want to read, I already have a HUGE to be read list that increases even more while scrolling through Pinterest but will add it to be read at some point! I have pinned and liked as well. Thanks for reading and liking my blog post 🙂


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