Helliw…So on the new year you did set your goals and resolutions, you were extra motivated and promised to make 2017 DIFFERENT…But here you are on the second week of the second month and already feeling behind and can’t keep up the pace you started with, and you might just think this isn’t your thing and you give it up.

But how dare you give up on something you wanted so badly just because things aren’t working out so well?!

Maybe there’s something going wrong, you know you can fix it, and restart from where you stropped. Worry not, I’ve got you covered.

First things first: The mistake most of us commit is related to time illusion; we think that on the 1st January, we’ll become the new person we want and we’ll magically stop the bad habits and pick up new ones when in fact things don’t go that way, because first you can set goals whenever, not just on the new year, and second it takes time and patience to change the bad patterns and put projects into work, so keep your expectations realistic.


  • Break down your goals into baby steps, and schedule each task because “WHAT’S NOT SCHEDULED ISN’T REAL”
  • Determine your priorities, you don’t want unimportant things distract you from working on the important goals of your life, so you must consider focus,
  • Don’t bite more than you can chew, meaning don’t set too much goals that would distract your efforts, make your year about a project and your day about a task, you’re list shouldn’t contain 10 tasks, because you’d end up with little accomplishments,
  • Be kind to yourself, every time you get stuff done and get closer to your main goal, treat yourself, your earned it!

Hope this content is helpful to make you get back on track and stick to your goals. I’d love to know what you do when you get distracted.

Much love xoxo




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