Helliw, I thought I’d share with you my favs of this month, and most of them aren’t physical items. So without further ado let’s discover what I loved this month:

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover:


Out of five books I read this month, Hopeless is absolutely my favorite. It got me hooked up from the beginning. Don’t worry I won’t spoil the story, so I’ll tell you the least: Hope, a high school girl, discovers things about her past that will change her future forever. That book is too good that I couldn’t get it out of my mind even days after finishing it (it’s actually Holder- Hope’s boyfriend that I couldn’t get out of my head hahaha)

Article: Practical steps for ending every day with a sense of accomplishment

Last month I subscribed in Hyatt Michael’s newsletter, and he would send me via e-mail his blog posts, so whenever the title or the description intrigue me I’d read the article, and I admit it he brings original and relatable content, but that one article was so helpful and I could 100% relate to it because I was at a phase where I had so much to get done and 24 hours a day were never enough. The time blocks method helped me avoid distractions and be more productive. Thank you Michael.

Youtuber: Muchelleb

By the beginning of this year, I came across this channel, and since then it became one of my favs. It is absolutely LIT: the content, the theme, the photography and most of all the youtuber herself. I highly recommend her channel.

Video by Lavendaire

One morning I woke up and watched that video- in bed and it made my day: Aileen you’re so good with words darling. This is the kinda video I’d watch every now and then to think deeply and regain my strength. I’ve been following Aileen for about six months and she is my favorite youtuber and the person I look up to.

Smooth Radio


Smooth is a British radio and it’s my fav when it comes to relaxing and unwinding with songs by Elton John, James Arthur, Bob Marely, Louis Armstrong, Boyzone, Michael Bublé and likewise. And it’s what I really needed this month with having so much to get done and getting stressed over it. You can download the app on your phone for free.

That was it for today’s post, hope you enjoyed it.

Much love xoxo


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