Helliw, if you’re a GirlBoss then you’re in the right place to discover what items to make sure to use and carry with you to make the most of every work day.


  1. Travel mug : If you’re a coffeeholic like me then this item is a must-have. When I know I’m spending my day out, I cannot not grab my travel mug with me.
  2. Business cards holder: A grown-up professional lady should always carry business cards with her, as they are considered as direct marketing tool that would allow you to establish genuine connections with others.
  3. Planner: Just like digital is emerging, traditional agendas didn’t die and are indeed helpful.
  4. Book: Always grab a book with you in your bag, waiting lines and traffic may happen every now and then.
  5. Power bank: Imagine you’re out and you get an important business phone call and right then your phone dies, wouldn’t a power bank be a life-saver? When you’re a girl-on-the-go, a power bank is must.
  6. Pamper yourself: You can’t pour from an empty cup, that’s why you should incorporate self-care in your schedule so that your productivity would be maximized.
  7. Watch: Not just for an esthetic reason, but mainly for two reasons as I believe: to keep track of time, for it’s easy to check time when a watch is just around your wrist, plus it absolutely gives the impression that you give much importance to time, especially at meetings and so as a multi-tasking girl
  8. Phone Apps: You should go digital baby since you grab your phone with you wherever you go, if you’re wondering what apps would help you then check this list.
  9. Bag: Every lady boss needs a bag that can carry all her essentials including the laptop. So make sure you get a convenient bag.

That’s it for today’s post, I hope it was helpful and I’d love to know what are your must-have items as lady boss that I didn’t mention, tell me in the comments what am I missing!

See you in the next post! xoxo


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