Helliw! You know that it doesn’t take much to develop a new habit -either good or bad- just a routine, some weeks and here you are with a pattern. Either related to having a healthy lifestyle, working out, sleeping, reading, being productive and the list goes on.

I can actually relate to this as I had dealt with some bad habits last summer and I was trying to be more productive, and with some plans and tips it worked out! I ended up reading several books, working out and improving my Spanish level!!

Here I share with you what tips I followed to break them bad habits and develop positive ones instead:

  • Awareness

First things first, you need to be conscious of your actions and confess to yourself that you have a bad habit. In this step you need to be honest with yourself so that you can move along to the next step.

  • Remind yourself of its cons:

Keep in your mind why you want to get rid of that habit, what bad it does to you. And remind yourself every time you’re about to repeat that habit, that it’s erroneous and it only holds you back. If you want to overcome that bad habit then you’ve got to be persistent, sometime it may take time and effort to shake it off.

  • Replace it:

If you want o kick away eating junk food then you must replace it with eating healthy, and if you want to fix your sleeping disorder then you’ve got to start going to bed early to wake up early. That’s how it works: you get something negative out of your lifestyle by replacing it with something positive.

  • Keep track of your process

Marking each day you succeed at your committing motivates you to keep on the journey, and in this, a phone app called 7weeks helped me a lot to keep track of the days I made it through and those I missed. And it’s free!

  • Develop a routine:

The best way to stick to your goal of replacing a bad habit is by creating a routine. To-do lists helped me at this last summer; every habit had a specific time and rituals of its own that if I skip it for a day I feel something missing. Even if you’re not a routine lover (like me), I’m sure you can make it through. Exercising for example had a specific time for me but every now and then I’d choose a different workout, the same goes to learning Spanish as I had different lessons to study and to reading that would never be boring anyway!

It’s okay if you struggle in the begining; don’t expect magnificent results starting from day one, because “Good things take time”, just keep your energy and time focused on your priorities and the best will happen.

See you in the next post!



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