Lately I’ve been in a bad mood, I didn’t want to go to school, read, mingle with others, post on social media or even write for my blog. Well, I’ve been mastering unproductivity. But as I had a busy schedule with studies, the blog and books to read before the end of this year, I had to overcome it and move on. Apparently it took me time but I did it and here I am finally sharing this with you in case you’re going though the same crap:

  • Give yourself time:

Either you are in a bad mood for a particular reason or for no reason, you can’t expect your mood to be boosted in seconds and without even trying! In my case, as much as I hated feeling crappy I couldn’t shake it off easily, it’s not as if it’s hard to boost a bad mood but nothing’s going to change if you don’t change it!

  • Treat yourself:

Cook something that you love, make yourself popcorn and watch a movie, go for a walk to reset your mind and attract positive thoughts to you!

  • Dress like a fashionsita:

On days like this you tend to be lazy and neglect your look, yet you really need to feel confident during this time, and dressing appropriately helps you in that! So put on your favorite outfit, go out and rock your day!

  • Make a to-do list:

When you’re not in the mood all you want to do is lie in your bed and watch netlfix, but what if you’re having a bunch of thing to get done? That was my case: I had a class in the morning, I skipped it and slept in instead, later I realized that I have to shake it off and stick to my to-do list. So make your schedule and stick to it to avoid regretting it later!

  • Talk to a friend:

Talking to a friend, a relative or a partner can help you get through these feelings. Call someone close or even go out with them and express your emotions, and talk about things that would cheer you up like funny topics.

To sum up, when you’re feeling down keep in mind that it will pass just take it easy.



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