As your schedule gets busier, you intend to read less and less or even give reading up for a while. Yet you should know that it’s not about finding time for reading, it’s rather about making time for it. But how? Here I gathered some ways of how I make time for reading when I’m busy:  

Organize your time:

The key to fitting many things in your day is organization. Develop the habit of scheduling your tasks and make reading one of your priorities otherwise you’ll keep putting it off.

Grab your book with you wherever you go:

I always bring my book with me when I go out, because during my day I know that I’ll have some minutes when I can read either waiting for the bus, or in the bus, waiting for the teacher to come, or my turn at the dentist… You never know when you’ll have some minutes to read a few pages.

Read before sleeping:

One of the most relaxing activities to do before sleeping is reading, it would guarantee for you a good night’s sleep. By the same token you can make it a routine that will become a habit. If you want to know how to make reading a routine check my previous post here, it’s #4!

Set goals

Set weekly or monthly goals and stick to them and keep track of your reading progress if you want to be committed to reading. You can also make a to-be -read list with your partner of friend to increase your commitment to reading.

Were these tips helpful? I’d love to know what you think in the comments.



  1. Your tip about taking your book everywhere is a huge on for me. Personally, I just use the kindle app on my phone, but it’s amazing how many little gaps there are during the day to get some reading done.


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