Not everyone loves reading and it’s okay if it’s your case too. Good news is that it’s something you can learn if you’re willing to. In this article I share with you some tips I myself used to become a reader that would help you too:

1. Read something you love:

The point of reading is obviously to bring you joy and fulfillment, and in case what you’re reading isn’t bringing you this and on the contrary it makes you bored or stressed or even guilty because you’re reading slowly or you can’t finish the book, then you’re reading the wrong book! If you haven’t figured out your book type yet then don’t worry just keep trying different books till you find your favorite type. (If you’re a thriller books lover then here are some good recommendations of thriller books)

2. Why you want to become a reader?

Ask yourself why you want to read first place, and write your answer on a piece of paper, and whenever you find that you’re ignoring reading or lacking motivation, remind yourself with that answer.

3. Challenges and rewards:

Give yourself a treat when reading a certain amount in a record time that you set it up yourself. That would keep you motivated to read more. As for me I challenge my sister to who would finish a book first and the winner gets something.

4. Create a reading routine:

This hack has helped me a lot to read more often last summer: every evening at around 5 pm, I would grab my book, some snacks and my phone, lie down on a couch in the garden of our house, turn on the radio or a playlist of country, old, or acoustic music, turn off the internet so that I won’t be disturbed and I start reading! Most days I would lie down there for 5 to 7 hours on a row. And it would be the best part of my day.

Having a specific place where to read and at a specific tile makes reading a habit. Just make sure you get rid of distractions: internet, disturbing people, traffic noise…


Hope these tips were helpful and that you’ll become a reader!



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