Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. Tony Robbins

I believe that having a purpose in life makes it an enjoyable journey. Setting goals gives your life a meaning and a direction, improves your personality to let you be the best version of you.

Yet achieving goals isn’t that easy, and as it gets bigger it gets harder to achieve, in other words dealing with struggles are obviously a part of the success journey. And today I want to give you a dose of inspiration by sharing with you a story of a young Moroccan artist that has faced struggles and most importantly has overcome them. Here is the interview I did with her:

  • What can you tell us about your talent (introduce yourself)?

I’m  Assia  Mahmoudy , 22 years  old , a Moroccan artist and at the same time  a tourism marketing and management student , I started  drawing since 12 years old and kept practicing and making paintings by following different techniques and styles of art . I tried so hard to develop this talent and making it look professional. But I can’t deny that it was hard for me to define a unique style that I’m still working on every time I take the brush between my fingers.

Some of Assia’s paintings:




Wawel Castle


The Magic
  • What is your biggest achievement as an artist?

Being an artist lets me feel special and unique and it gives me the opportunity to express my feelings , emotions and my experiences. There are a lot of things that I had no words for and the best way to say that was by using colors and flying away to my magical artistic world. Well, my biggest achievement as an artist was when I took the initiative to draw big paintings , I could say it was one of the most amazing moments of my life, I felt so proud of myself .  Since that moment I found out that true freedom for me is when I paint , and  I said ” Assia you were born to be an artist , so let a positive mark in this world”

  • Was your environment helpful? (Family, city, clubs, community…)

I have to say , yes my family supports me a lot and they always say how much they feel proud of me .I think that encourages me and boosts my productivity. I want to mention also that my friends help me to get inspired and motivated a lot.  But  for clubs , city , community I should say that I don’t receive any help and I don’t find myself anymore in any club. Also there are no interesting workshops or clubs.  Plus artists don’t help each other and everyone is trying to get developed alone. Because for sure they forget that we are one and our message is one thing that is “Art , peace and love “ . The only thing on their minds is competition and money. Once upon a time a school of art here in Agadir invited me and they said that they are looking forward to collaborate with me, they want to know more about my art and they got inspired after they saw it. But seriously they surprised me by offering to teach me art and I have to PAY an imaginary amount of money for that. Well they couldn’t succeed to fool me by using those stupid marketing techniques because I know them very well haha!!  Like seriously who said that I want to learn art. For me art is in one hand and studies are in the other hand. When I start drawing I escape away. And the most beautiful thing is that there’s no control about what I’m doing.

  • What struggles did you face and how did you overcome them?

At the beginning of my journey as an artist, it was difficult for me  to practice art a lot ; sometimes I don’t draw for weeks because of studies and exams. But I found out that planning my work , creating “ to-do lists” and fun challenges helped me so much toboost my productivity and plan my work . I felt so organized and motivitated to share more talent with the world. I would like to add that in my city I couldn’t find a certain kind of art materials like “ black papers “, so I had to purchase them online. Also there are only few shops that offer materials with good quality but they are so expensive, which makes it hard for me to keep developing my art continuously.

  • What’s more you want to achieve?

What I really want to achieve in the future is to draw more new big paintings, keep working on my artistic style and be able to organize an exhibition where I can share a positive message with people and inspire them.

  • What can you tell anyone who has a dream?

I can say that, if you have a dream you should work hard to reach it and translate it to plans because if you just kept saying I have “a DREAM” that’s not enough. You have to work on it and make it come true.  Take risks, try and experience new things. For sure there will be ups and downs but most important thing is that you shouldn’t give up, like EVER!!

When nothing is working for you the way you want it to, just work and keep saying “The best is yet to come “.

Dear dreamers, life is short you have to make yourself proud and make your dream come true no matter what happens. We will live once so let a positive mark behind you. Then what’s stopping you?! I guess nothing 😉

And this blog post comes to an end; I must say it was such a honor collaborating with the artist Assia Mahmoudy, such an inspirational journey in fact. Thank you Assia for spreading positive vibes though out your art. And you reader, believe deep inside that every struggle you face and every obstacle that comes to your path is just a test to your motivation, so don’t give in to it.


Assia Mahmoudy’s inquieries:



E-mail address:



  1. This is amazing! I love these amazing tips and it’s important to remember that dreams can become reality, as long as you work hard and take the necessary steps. Anywho, I love your blog and I would love if you’d check mine out as well. Thanks!

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