If you’re attitude towards money isn’t enviable then this post is for you. Here you find what hacks I’ve been using to save as much money as possible.


Instead of eating out in restaurants you can cook your food. Even if you’re not that good of a cooker, you can always find easy meal recipes online. And if you’re busy, then meal prep is always an option.

Go thrifting:

I love purchasing clothes at thrift stores and I like how people are amazed by the quality and style of my thrift clothing items. You’d be surprised too by the quality of the clothing and furniture at the thrift stores. Even famous brands are there and most importantly on a budget!

Share with a partner/ sister:

This hack has saved me so much money, for so many times I have purchased skin care or make-up products at half price because I shared them with my sister, especially if I don’t know how the product would turn out and I still want to give it a try. And I believe it’s by the time you try this hack too!

Read e-books:

I wasn’t an e-book reader at all, and I never thought I’d be for the sake of the paper smell, but people change and there were (and are) a lot of books that went viral and I was dying to read them but for same reasons I couldn’t (Amazon doesn’t deliver to Morocco and in case I find them here they are pretty much expensive) so the electronic version was the solution. (Yet I never gave up reading the paper version books!)


You don’t need to spend a fortune on decorations; all you need is to Do It Yourself. And if you don’t have the skills then don’t worry just look up for tutorials on Youtube.

Pay with cash:

Scientific studies have confirmed that when shopping and you pay with your credit card you’re not conscious how much money you spend, unlike using cash that makes you wiser at spending money.

I hope these hacks were helpful. I’d love to find out more hacks you’ve using, leave them in comment section please.


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