It’s hard to stay organized and keep everything in mind, isn’t it? Especially when you’re just too busy to keep everything in place and under control and accomplish all the tasks on your to-do list. But with technology you can regain control over your daily life events, so here are some free apps that would help you:

  • Any do


This app allows you to make a personalized to-do list, reminds you of your next task. And in case you haven’t planned your day it asks you in the morning to take some minutes to make your list. It’s so easy to use, flexible and free!

  • AppBlock Stay Focused:


I know we’re talking here about how to use technology to stay organized, though it may do the opposite and distract you instead. How many times you wanted to accomplish a task but you spent hours lying on the coach with your phone in your hands?! I know, me too, until I discovered this app, it allows you to block all the apps and notifications on your phone that would distract you for a specific time, and if it’s just too hard to resist and you think you may unblock them five minutes later, you can block this app too and so you would concentrate on your work.

  • Woman Calendar:


That is going absolutely to save so many girls that can’t predict or keep in my mind when their period is due. Because sometimes you’re just too lazy to calculate your cycle or you can’t keep it in mind. Plus it allows you to register notes, temperature, weight, mood, symptoms and much more. It’s a free app with no advertizing!

  • Bloglovin’:


Do you love surfing blogs and reading articles and reviews, but you can’t remember all your favorite blogs and keep track of their updates. Bloglovin’ gathers all the blogs you already like in one app and suggests to you other blogs that may interest you. And so you’ll stay updated and you won’t lose time trying to remember every blog you like.

  • My Dressing:


Are you that kind of girls that spend at least half an hour every morning to decide what to wear, but you just end up wearing that comfy outfit you wear the most because you can’t remember all the items you have and it just takes time to think of a matching outfit. All you have to do is to take a picture of all the clothing items you have, put them in the app and start styling different outfits. No more unworn shirts and no more wasting time!

Was that quiet helpful? I hope so.


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